In June 2019 Jessica Symes will launch her first two books; 

Career Confidence

The Career Confidence Work Book


These two essential guides are for anyone who is looking for the next step in their career, a promotion, someone who wants to start a business or anyone looking for direction, purpose and overall career confidence.


Career confidence provides the skills and tools for individuals to be successful in the workplace and in their career's. 


The key focus areas are;








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Introduction – Jessica Symes


What is it to have Career confidence and how can you work towards it or develop it. In this book I aim to one person at a time support each reader compassionately towards a happy, content and purpose driven career in which they feel they are in control of. As an executive coach I have seen an epidemic of people unhappy, lost, unsure and unconfident in careers that were based more on expectations than strengths and passions. My coaching has been focused on supporting individuals to work out what they are good at, what someone will pay them to do and what they love doing. It is that simple but can be complex to navigate through limiting beliefs, perceived expectations of others and perfectionism that are all holding them back from the career of their dreams. 


There are no free lunches in this world and definitely no one that is going to hand us our dream job if we haven’t done the work to ensure we know what we want and how to get it. It is our responsibility to work out what it is we truly want and to focus on the resources that we have to achieve that and not focus on the potential or perceived obstacles, perceived restrictions and excuses. For the most part most of us live in a world in which anything and everything is possible if you are willing to work out what it is you want, what might hold you back and how to shift that, put together a great plan and be willing to work really, really hard to achieve that goal.


Enjoy the read, focus on the possibilities and the opportunities and follow the formula to Career Confidence which is based on the four C’s – Clarity, Confidence, Collaboration and Communication. Approach this work with a growth and learning mindset and embrace it with courage and ether you are looking to strive for a promotion, transition into a different career or industry, start your own business, re enter the workforce, create more flexibility and balance or completely turn your life around with a total reinvention this book will guide and support you through that process. This opportunity is not for special people or lucky people because that is a fallacy as a concept, this is for you, for anyone who is willing to do the work required to achieve Career Confidence. This is an effortful process, a sometimes confronting process although the rewards are only limited by your imagination. Have fun, be kind to your self, be honest and true and dig deep towards living an empowered, engaged and fulfilling life in which you can be the best version of yourself to contribute positively to what ever you choose to do. See you on the other side. 

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