2019 Ausmumpreneur Award finalist: Monique Treder

When Monique Treder found herself juggling two young children overseas with a lack of support from close family and friends, a kind gesture changed something in her.

“Someone I hardly knew turned up at my door with a home cooked meal and some baked treats," said Monique "I was blown away.”

After that, Monique recognised that in many circumstances the best gift is a home cooked meal. When her grandfather passed away in Sydney, she witnessed her grandmother’s house overflow with flowers and wreaths, “There were just so many flowers. But when I opened her fridge, it was empty, “she said.

“That was the pivotal moment when I knew I had to transform Happetite Food from a dream into a reality.” Monique now leads a life of multiple roles as a business owner and Mum, which at times includes juggling school activities, creating meals, customer service, sales, IT, packing and logistics. “Some days it works really well, and some days are fuelled by coffee and cheese on toast for dinner,” she included. But Monique insists its all worthwhile.

“I absolutely love what I do, I love the creativity I get with designing my own business, the flexible (but sometimes crazy) hours, the satisfaction of growing something you are so passionate about and the heartfelt feedback we get from our customers.”

Monique Treder is a mum of 3 young boys with a passion for food and family. Coming from a European background, food always played a vital role in bringing people together, to celebrate, to share, and to enjoy. Her family gatherings were large groups of family and friends, a melting pot of food cultures and all hands on deck to prepare, cook and clean. From these events Monique learnt a great deal about life, working together, community and the importance of food in bringing people together. Food is more than just ingredients and preparation; it is an experience and a sharing of love through food. Monique’s upbringing is a large part of the reason and ethos of her business. Her vision is to grow this community spirit and sharing of love through food Australia wide.

Monique was a Food & Beverage Business Award finalist in this year's Ausmumpreneur Awards.

"I am really proud to say that Happetite was recently awarded the Ausmumpreneur award in the category of Food and beverage it was one of the best moments since starting up the business..

It makes all the hard work and long hours worthwhile when you are recognised for what your business has achieved and your vision." - Monique Treder

Happetite delivers food gifts to the people you care about. New baby, bereavement or just because. It is the heart-warming gesture that shows you care, the tastier alternative to sending flowers. From across the world or across town, Happetite takes care of the people special to you with comforting homemade meals and tasty treats. www.happetitefood.com.au

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