2019 Ausmumpreneur Service Panel: Jessica Symes

Lisa Burling - Dream a little dream project, Yemi Penn – W Squared Coaching, Mim Jenkinson – Busy Mum. Balanced Life, Jessica Symes Toomey – Symes Group and Adriana Brusi – Event Negotiators with Host Peace Mitchell (not pictured)

When asked by an audience member, "How do you build a business?", Jessica Symes on the Service Panel at the 2019 Ausmumpreneur Conference in Melbourne, said all the right things.

"Commercial acumen is important," she said.

"You have to be good at what you do!" she added making the audience laugh.

"You also need tenacity, mental toughness, grit."

Putting in the hard work can be a given but it's essential to the role of getting started, Jessica adds. Jessica retold the story of when she first started her business while she was still breastfeeding her son.

"My mum and I would walk the streets with the pram putting in brochures to households and businesses. I would stop to breastfeed on the side of the road."

When you first start out and you're waiting for the first customer to come in, Jessica said, you've got the time on your hands to do such tasks as delivering brochures.

Host and one of the creators of the Ausmumpreneur network, Peace Mitchell asked, "Why do you keep coming back to the Ausmumpreneur Conference?", Jessica gave some great insight to her personal experience with the conference.

"Not having a boss and being a competitive person, the event helps keep me accountable. And I want to show the judges I've grown and achieved my targets and goals," she said.

Being her 4th year in attendance, Jessica has witnessed the benefits of the conference, creating positive networking relationships as she believes the future is female.

"Female entrepreneurs will be the life blood of the economy. These are serious Mums!"

Jessica Symes is nominated for the Service Business Award and the People's Choice Award for Business Coach.

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