Act of God

Is it time the Bible had a bit of an update? A Google search revealed the best-seller’s earliest parts to be around 3500 years old.

Mind blowing. My phone’s out of date in 12 months

Enter, An Act of God.

In it, the body of “chosen one” Mitchell Butel is taken over by God and with the help of archangels Alan Flower and Laura Murphy he seeks to address humanity’s dire misconceptions about the Bible. They also deliver 10 new commandments – all suitably hilarious.

Described by the New York Times as part chat show, part Ted Talk gone rogue, part sermon, the show takes aim at the Bible’s hypocrisy with that most enjoyable of weapons – comedy.

Butel's masterful rendering of what is essentially a one-man comic soliloquy is as worthy as any of the gospels he essentially tears apart.

Penned by 13-time Emmy Award winning David Javerbaum (The Colbert Report, The Daily Show), Act of God promised writing as sharp as Sister Agatha’s glare, but the addition of some choice updates for an Australian audience make it more relevant. Its direct pro-equality and LGBTQIA+ stance is also timely for Oz.

Butel co-directs Act of God with fellow “self-professed recovering Catholic” Richard Carroll.

“Gay, straight, bisexual, transgender: Thou art all equally smiteable in my eyes.” –


The show runs until February 25.

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