"As the world’s business becomes completely digitised, we must also digitise our operations"

Pauline Hampshire, CISCO

Pauline will be a featured speaker at ITMP Cisco Live 2018, a platform for rising technology professionals to develop leadership and technical strategies through a customised educational experience featuring top industry leaders and Cisco IT Executives. Pauline's lifelong love of travel and cultures of the world has nurtured her views on leadership, team work and innovation. Barbara Harvey recently interviewed the very inspiring Pauline about her upcoming talk on: “Moving from Manual Operations to Autonomous operations,” at ITMP Cisco 2018 and her thoughts on artificial intelligence and her great passion; cross-cultural diversity across teams. BH: Pauline, can you share with our readers what the topic of your presentation at ITMP Cisco 2018?

PH: In the traditional IT world much of the operations work dealing with system outages in the past has been manual. I am going to talk about moving from Manual Operations to Autonomous operations. As the world’s business becomes completely digitised, we must also digitise our operations. One aspect of this is performance management. One bad experience with the performance of an application a customer may pardon, but after the second and third time, you will lose their business! This impacts all industries!

Ensuring we automate all aspects of operations is a big focus for Cisco IT. In this particular example I will talk about the use of App Dynamics (this technology recently joined the Cisco portfolio through an acquisition, but Cisco IT has been using AppDynamics already for several years), and how we are taking the alerts on transactional issues from AppDynamics and automating 25% of what was taken as manual actions in the past. All of this on a foundation of a focus on Innovation and people. In a world of Software defined everything, it is more and more important to invest in the software skills of all IT employees.

BH: What role does cross-cultural diversity play in innovation? PH: One of the best teams to find an innovative idea, and actually execute on the idea and create a product are diverse teams, especially cross-cultural teams. We have all been influenced differently by our culture, the education system we were raised in, the way our country views the world, and when you bring diverse views together you get great outcomes.

A recent example of this at Cisco was our STIR program (Short term international rotation program), where we took enthusiastic engineers from India, Poland and the UK and rotated them into a small group to work on an innovation project. The next phase includes engineers from France, Israel and the US.

BH: How is Artificial Intelligence going to change the world as we know it?

PH: We have created more data in the last few years than what was created in decades before. There are billions of people calling, texting, tweeting and browsing on mobile phones worldwide now. What is interesting is the fact that we are now developing algorithms and logic to help us analyse the patterns in this data and then take action on the data, automatically. That is what is artificial intelligence. It is the capacity of a computer to capture what humans have produced as rules, and apply them in the way that we would with our own brains, but much faster. So Artificial Intelligence will change the way all aspects of our businesses and society works.


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