Bambuddha Group incorporating kindness and sustainable practices in businesses

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Founder of Bambuddha Group, Anna Sheppard

Bambuddha Group, a social enterprise founder Anna Sheppard is no stranger to creating change in the workplace and challenging leaders on their workplace practice when it comes to kindness and sustainable practices.

How does Anna get large corporations and businesses to listen? Simple. She tells stories.

“The first step really is educating the leadership team on how and why kindness and sustainability is beneficial to the business. We do that by telling stories,” Anna emphasised.

“If leaders can connect themselves and understand the implications of this agenda, they can learn to inspire the people around them to come on board and see the benefit of it. Collaborating with the right partners to make things happen and create a positive impact,” Anna stated.

“Those are the leaders that that will be thriving in 30 years’ time.”

Anna fruitfully explained the first challenge is getting people to change the old school mindset of ‘our job is here to make money; we need to do whatever it takes to make sure we reduce the cost of sales and increase profit for business’.

The reason for this change in mentality within business is a no brainer. Consumer habits are changing.

Anna says people are now going into the supermarket and willing to pay an extra dollar for an ethical brand that is in line with their values.

“25% of millennials, in the last year alone in Australia, swapped to a brand that aligns to their values,” she said. – Di Marzio/Cavill+Co

“And by next year, 2020, Millennials will have an annual spending 31 trillion.” UBS Investment Bank

If businesses want a piece of the pie and maintain sustainability within their business there’s no option but to move forward on this agenda. Anna says large corporations have teams dedicated to this change.

“Sustainability is not thing nice to have on the side anymore, it is about the sustainability of YOUR future in business”

“We're not asking you to get it right by tomorrow. It's about the journey. That's what we always say. As long as you're willing to move forward. There's support to help businesses, create and make a commitment.”


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