Do you know what your purpose is? And what was the process to find that purpose?

Many of my coaching clients either state that they don’t know what their purpose is or identify through the coaching process that they are in the wrong career or wrong job. 2019 marks ten years in business for me and it has meant that I have spent a bit time reflecting and re-evaluating what my purpose is and what the purpose of my business is?

Many years ago when I was looking at moving industries from the arts to corporate, a very wise person sat me down and drew three circles on a piece of paper. The first circle had the words ‘good at’ in it, the second, the word ‘passion’ and the third a dollar sign. To this day I am still very grateful for that moment and offering as although I don't think I was aware of the impact at the time, it stands out to me as one of the catalyst's for my entrepreneurial journey. I still have that piece of paper and of course the concept was taken from Jim Collin’s book, ‘Good to Great’. The advice given to me generously ended up being exactly the path I took and exactly what I ended up doing. I looked deep inside and worked out what I was good at, passionate about and what someone would pay me to do.

At the time I started my business, I was a Mum of a young son, a toddler and therefore for me being away from him at the time for a conventional five day a week full time job just wasn’t an option. I did indeed investigate part time or flexible options and there were just not any roles with that sort of flexibility readily available ten years ago. I had just become familiar with Emma Isaacs and her business ‘Business Chicks’ and I naively thought, “That’s what I will do, I will become an entrepreneur, a Mumpreneur.

There were definitely other influences that prompted or suggested I start my own business and the first one was my Mother who really encouraged me to go out on my own and create a business. She also had the practical and logical sense to know how to start and what to do and her business instincts are always spot on. Her can do approach and belief in me was very influential and still is today. I am lucky enough to say that my Mother is probably my biggest fan and having her by my side as I built and continue to build the business has been so valuable.

I had always been very ambitious and hard working but at that time I was not aware that this was the beginning of the journey of self discovery towards uncovering my career purpose and my life’s purpose. This purpose is to help others find confidence, clarity and their purpose both in career and life holistically. My passion for business also grew and I have found growing a business has been a highly rewarding and creative process.

The journey as an entrepreneur has been so exciting as you never know where it will take you as it is half strategy and half being open to the opportunities that present themselves, pivoting and reinventing in an ever changing business environment. I am someone whom if I were to win the lotto tonight I would still show up for work tomorrow and would still be doing the same thing. My purpose is part of who I am and I feel very fortunate to be able to help others to uncover theirs.

Jessica Symes

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