Dr Michael Mosley's personal insight to happiness.

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Symes Group was thrilled to be given the opportunity to attend the Happiness and its causes two day conference held at the International Convention Centre Sydney on the 24th & 25th June 2019 - Ruth Griffin

UK doctor, health journalist and chief of the 5:2 Diet, Dr Michael Mosley shared his wealth of knowledge on happiness at the Happiness and its Causes conference recently. Known for his facts and figures on science and all things food, Dr Mosley shared some personal insight to his understanding of happiness.

Working in a bank for a few years in his youth didn't make him happy, he said.

“I didn’t feel satisfied with what I was doing, it took me a couple of years to learn that.”

It wasn’t until he went back to University at the Royal Free Hospital in London to become a doctor, he found what he was missing.

“I’ll always remember this. The first day there the Dean said, ‘Out of 100 people here, four of you statistically will marry’ he was absolutely right, I met my wife there. She really did fill a hole I did not realise I had, and we have been married for 39 years.”

According to The World Happiness Report, which began in 2011 and is updated yearly, relationships are the most important single factor when it comes to health and happiness.

The report quantified this by asking the question: ‘If you were in trouble, do you have relatives or friends who you could count on to help you whether you need them or not?’

“This is the greatest single predictor whether someone reports whether they are happy or not on surveys,” Dr Mosley said.

The report ranks 150 countries according to happiness, using a Cantril Ladder survey, where 1.4 million people outline their life satisfaction by imagining their life in the best possible light and to describe their hopes and wishes for the future.

Finland was the happiest country in 2018; New Zealand sits at 7 while Australia is number 11.

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