'How we define and see the role of family in society'

In 2007, CEO of Parents At Work, Emma Walsh founded the world leading social enterprise of offering expertise, advocacy and education programs to empower Australian families and employers within the workplace.

Her main question was, how can we create family friendly workplaces?

“It sounds pretty straight forward,” Emma said, “I thought it would be something that would take off pretty quickly. Perhaps someone just hadn’t been having the conversation. It was very much a naïve position to come from.”

Twelve years ago, the core of Parents At Work was about helping mums heading back to work, family/work life and how they could be helped because that’s where society was.

After a deeper understanding a few years in the business it appeared to Emma that it was much more than that.

“I realised this was far from simple. This is complex. This is not just a ‘How workplaces are structured' issue. This is a society issue; this is a cultural problem. It’s fundamentally about how we define and see the role of family in society,” she said.

Parents At Work, CEO and Founder - Emma Walsh

Parents At Work was founded in 2007 by HR and Career Coaching Social Entrepreneur, Emma Walsh to support not only mums and dads but also their organisations to better manage the challenges of juggling work and family life.

Parents At Work has helped thousands of working Mums and Dads and their families navigate their career, parenting and wellbeing. Emma is a mum of three (twin boys now 11 and a her daughter now 7). She lives in Sydney, Australia and is an author, international speaker and advocate campaigner on improving parental leave and flexible work rights for working parents. She consults to organisations on how to create family friendly workplaces.

Emma has been shortlisted for the Telstra Business Woman of the Year and has been recognised and awarded for her business achievements including:

* Australian Human Rights Business Award in 2015 * Top 200 Business of Tomorrow by Westpac in 2017 * Winner of the Visa Business Awards in 2013


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