“If you can work as kind as you do hard. Success is inevitable.”

Anna Sheppard is on a mission for kindness.

Emerging from a career of creating corporate partnerships with charities and marketing strategies across businesses, Anna eventually felt she needed to create a change on the impact businesses have in the world.

“I’ve helped hundreds of businesses build sustainability strategies by aligning to charities. But it was very transactional, and it was all good intention,” Anna said warmly.

“I just got to a point where I'm either going to be CEO of a charity and have this amount of impact, or I'm going to be able to create a network and a community that can scale that impact.”

In 2017, Anna founded Bambuddha Group, a leadership development network, and social enterprise that works with leaders of businesses that want to be kinder and make the world a better place as well as future proofing their business.

Bambuddha Group organise keynote events throughout the year with a big network of delivery partners that produce tools, resources and educational assets to workshops, and provide one-to-one and peer coaching that members can access. This includes research into how businesses can change their approach to their employees using kindness as a motivation.

While small to medium businesses is their prominent community, Anna said that the enterprise also attracts members from big corporations.

“Our focus is to those individual leaders and help them understand their purpose, how they can best impact upon the world, and then to take that into business creating a strong argument for more sustainable business strategies,”

“And the end goal really is to empower those leaders to be able to create systemic change within businesses.”

Bambuddha Group, Founder - Anna Sheppard


Anna's speaking page is www.annasheppard.com.au

Or if you'd like to organise and meet Anna you can go here

Ph: 1300 657 934  

M: +61 403 363 257


PO Box 5192 Greenwich NSW 2065

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