Mindfulness – precursor to change

The practice of mindfulness has its roots in Buddhist meditation but has now taken the business world by storm. Barbara Harvey explains.

Mindfulness helps create a happier life at home and work.

Silicon Valley has witnessed a mindfulness movement in recent years.

Symes Group are enormous supporters of the power of mindfulness – both in living a fulfilling life and as the foundation for positive culture change in organisations.

The art of mindfulness can prepare the new leaders of today to inspire, motivate and take care of their people.

At its heart is the concept of self responsibility – individuals take responsibility for their thoughts and actions.

There are three ways Symes Group offers support to individuals and organisations in cultivating mindfulness.

The first is through focus, which requires the deliberate practice of meditation.

The second is self-awareness – through specific activities and the cognitive awareness of how we are communicating.

Finally, re-framing relates to questioning the perspective of situations – like practising gratitude for something that might have been taken for granted. Studies have revealed the practice of active mindfulness is the foundation of an ethical work culture.

As we sail into uncharted waters regarding the impact of technology on privacy, security and social issues, strong ethical leadership will be essential.

Now more than ever organisations need to embed mindfulness practices into all modes of work.

Symes Group's three steps to achieving mindfulness


Deliberate practice: Meditation


Deliberate practice: Being present, senses


Deliberate practice: Perspective (eg gratitude)

The impact of mindfulness on organisations

Emotional regulation, reframing ability, stress reduction, increased confidence, ability to observe, increased optimism, focus, resilience, collaboration, agility in complexity, adaptability, increased empathy, perspective taking, reduction in personal distress, self awareness, self management.

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