Motivating Mavericks

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Business leader, speaker and author Vajira Weerasekera shares his insights and strategies for building cohesive and forward-thinking teams in todays challenging business environment. We speak to Vajira about his journey in the next issue of The Symes Report.

“As a leader, your job is to understand the individuals in the team in terms of how they make decisions, and to create the best and the safest environment for them to make those decisions.” Vajira Weerasekera

Motivating Mavericks The Secret to High-Performing Teams Vajira Weerasekera Black Card Books

Vajira Weerasekera is an exceptional person. He runs with the dedication of a competitive athlete, is devoted to his family and chosen charities, and represents a new breed of successful corporate leader – for whom success is all about the team, not the individual.

It is rare to find such a level of humility in a successful person, but Vajira doesn’t seem to realise that. He just ... does it.

His book came about after the completion of his first marathon – the result of several years of perseverance through pain and injury – and was originally going to be about running.

His publisher convinced him to change tack when he quickly realised that Vajira’s true passion lay in building successful teams, and Motivating Mavericks was born.

It’s a culmination of what he’s learned as chief technology officer at Microsoft Services Asia, combined with that of many other successful leaders, including Jodie Fox of Shoes of Prey, astronaut Dianne McGrath, neurofacilitator Amy Posey and elite endurance runner Larissa Tichon. Its aim, to provide practical advice on rallying a large number of diverse people to get behind the same purpose or mission, while still making each individual feel empowered. This, Vajira believes, is the only way to create an environment where people will really thrive.

He identifies three habits and five strategies to achieve this, and the book is written in a clear and practical style, with a refreshing absence of industry jargon (or corporate-speak). A valuable addition to any leader or potential leader’s bookshelf, Motivating Mavericks comes with an added bonus: 100 percent of the proceeds go to the Shanti and Let Kids Fly foundations; charities dedicated to providing palliative care and improving access to education around the world.

Go to ​​ to purchase the book or donate to either charity.

By Ingrid Green

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