"Proposing with Impact: Michael's Big Moment"

Michael Lorenti of Westpac Group puts Symes Group's methodology around authenticity in communicating and presenting with impact to the very biggest test! We worked with Michael in 2017 in a Presenting with Impact program and found out some months later he had been applying the theory and skills in preparing his speech for his own engagement party! Barbara Harvey caught up with Michael recently to find out more....


Describe your experience as an attendee of Symes Group’s Presenting with Impact in 2017?

At the start of the session I was tired and running low on energy. Once the session started, the presenters had so much energy and their activities challenged me. Before I knew it I was 100% involved, trying different techniques and wanting to improve. This was a great session, the day went really quick and gave me a huge energy boost to continue to use the techniques.

What were the most useful techniques/tricks you can recall?

The whole session was a new experience of techniques that I’ve consciously re-tried. The key techniques I’ve adopted naturally are being aware of your breathing, of your posture and the audience. These seemed simple at the time but have been effective to make sure you’re best prepared for presenting. Setting objectives for presentations has helped me focus. Specific presentations like ‘what’s in a name’ and ‘turning point’ were great to practice preparing for a presentation and improving until I achieved the objective.

You mentioned that you used some of the techniques in a big moment in your life can you share that with us?

Yes, I used techniques that I learnt as part of the Presenting with Impact session at my engagement party that I arranged as a surprise for my fiancé. The engagement party was with my friends and family, and I had flown my fiancé’s parents over to be there.

What was the result of that presentation? (did you get the response you wanted!?)

My objective was for my friends and family to relate to how happy and proud I was feeling. It was really important to me that they were all there to surprise my fiancé and spend time to get to know her parents. Everyone had a great night and they all didn’t want it to end. I felt my speech encouraged them to be themselves and feel connected to each other which made people feel comfortable.

Are you preparing a speech for the wedding, if so what is your method for preparing?

I believe it is important to practice the speech a few times at different volumes, speeds and emphasising different words, and seeing what works best for me. I’ve also made sure I have time before the speech to drink lots of water and use some of the presentation as performance 8 Steps I learnt as part of the training.

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