Running – it's life changing in so many ways

I’m no longer running for myself, I’m now running to help someone else, so keep going and don’t stop.

Vajira Weerasekera ran his first marathon in 2015. Since then, he’s pushed himself to run several marathons and ultra-marathons, including a 12-hour ultra-marathon of 83km. Currently he’s completing a 500km running challenge through number of runs, including six marathons, two ultra-marathons and various other races around the world – or halfway to Brisbane from Sydney!

He has failed, he has learned, he has grown and succeeded through running this 500km challenge with the Run for Life Project. Vajira has learned that it's not running that matters. Who you become by pushing your own limits is what makes the journey amazing.

In addition, what keeps him going through the long, lonely and sometimes painful hours of training and competing is the people he’s helping and the purpose for his runs.

For Vajira, it changes everything.

“It occurred to me during the Canberra marathon, that I’m no longer running for myself, I’m now running to help someone else, so keep going and don’t stop. To push yourself beyond what you think is your limit, you need a purpose bigger than yourself. If you can find that, you will get pulled towards your dream and purpose rather than having to push. It’s an amazing experience”.

Leading up to his first marathon his good friend Dr. Suharsha Kanathigoda (founder of Shanthi Foundation) had approached Vajira looking for help in raising awareness to support the foundation’s hospital project. The focus of the project is to build the first ever eco-friendly palliative care hospital in Sri Lanka. Vajira dedicated his first marathon to support the cause in 2015, which was a great success.

Success always leads to a new challenges and opportunities: The Run for Life Project was born.

Since then, Vajira has set himself a new goal to run 500km to raise awareness for Palliative Care and to raise funds towards the cost of building this hospital. Vajira set up the Run for Life Project with a mission to inspire everyone around the world to be active and healthy by running or walking. His current campaign is to help Shanthi foundation with this hospital project.

So far, he has completed 436km and raised more than $46,000. The 500km target will be met with the following planned races, Sydney Half Marathon (15 Sept), New York Marathon (3 Nov) and Dashfor5 (22-24 Nov) which will bring the total to 504km.

What's holding you back from pushing your own limits?

Vajira is now inviting everyone to join #Dashfor5 to run or walk 5km as he completes the 500km journey. Come together as a world community to help a great cause while we get active.

Vajira plans to continue this Dashfor5 as an annual run subsequent to this campaign to support other causes in the future.

How to help:

· Join Vajira on the #Dashfor5 – from anywhere in the world! Get your friends or colleagues involved, it will be a great team building activity.

· You can donate without having to run.

· The Run for Life Project is also looking for more corporate sponsors to join this worldwide campaign.

· To join or to get more information go to:

#runforacause #shantifoundation #getinvolved

Ph: 1300 657 934

PO Box 5192 Greenwich NSW 2065

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