Simplicity and Transparency- Ten years of Transformation: Seema Hyne

Seema Hyne - Senior Program Manager in Cisco IT

Never before has there been such a great opportunity for established and emerging IT leaders to be privy to and learn about the very unique ins and outs of IT management and strategy than at the IT Management Program (ITMP) at Cisco Live 2018 in Melbourne 6-9 March. One of the key presenters at the ITMP this year is Seema Hyne, a Senior Program Manager in Cisco IT. Seema is a leader in her field, a champion of STEM education and ICT careers and an expert in Cisco’s current work culture. In 2017 Seema was awarded the FY17 Best of the Best Inclusion and Collaboration Community Award for the category “Inclusion Leadership Team Outstanding Member” which was awarded in part for her being a STEM champion.

In her presentation, Seema will be taking her audience on a 10 year journey of transformation of Cisco from a hardware company into a services organisation from a culture, people, process and platform perspective. I recently interviewed Seema about engaging young people in STEM, the future of work and her upcoming presentation at ITMP “Accelerating Value Delivery through IT as a Service.”

BH: You have played a role in the current work culture of Cisco what does the future of work look like to you?

SH: We’re going to see more and more organisations placing greater emphasis on their values and beliefs and ensuring their employees are embodying those values. There will also be a lot more focus on organisations providing more flexibility in the workplace – i.e. working from anywhere, anytime, any place even for those roles that traditionally require them to be in the office.

With the rapid market shifts we need to be able to deliver things faster, with higher quality, security and adaptability and we need to be continuously innovating – we needed to be Fast IT otherwise we will be left behind. It’s through our pervasive agile mindset that we’ve been able to accelerate our ability to deliver.”

At Cisco our collaboration technology and mobility strategy has played a huge part in the way we work. No longer is work ‘where you go’ but it’s all about what you do and being able to work anywhere, anytime in any place. As a working mum of 3 young boys I’m able to integrate my work with my family life by working from home, taking calls from the car, collaborating with my colleagues across geographical borders and most importantly our technology has given our people flexibility.

BH: You are a champion of women in Tech and are renown for encouraging STEM education and promoting ICT careers to the next generation. What is the key to engaging young people in STEM careers?

If you want to engage young people into STEM careers, it’s important that you foster their interest from a very young age. This can be as early as primary school or early high school but once young people hit the later years of high school (year 10 and above) they already have their fixed ideas and stereotypes of certain professions and it’s really hard to shift those biases.

If you can expose them to organisations and people that work in the field of STEM and show them the vast opportunities and the exciting job roles available to them this can be the catalyst for them to consider STEM careers as an option.

BH: Can you share with our readers the topic of your presentation at ITMP, Cisco live 2018?

The topic I’ll be speaking on at the IT Management program is called “Accelerating Value Delivery through IT as a Service.” I will be talking about Cisco IT’s transformation to a services organisation, what this means and the steps we took to get there. This journey started about 10 years ago and we didn’t know it back then but it is the foundation of digital transformation which is about simplifying what we do but also providing transparency and

accountability for the services we deliver.

I share what we did from a culture, people, process and platform perspective and highlight the tangible benefits we’ve seen from this new way of operating IT. Gone are the days where we’re spending 18 months to develop, build and test just to find out that the requirements have changed or the market has changed. Through our agile methodology and our tighter partnership with the business it has enabled us to respond to market shifts and

competitive threats more quickly. We are now working in smaller and more dynamic cross functional teams which mean we have become a lot more nimble and faster in delivering products and features that are of value to the business and our customers.


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