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A study by the IBM Institute for Business Values, conducted on more than 800 chief executive officers across more than 70 countries, investigated the most sought after leadership behaviours of Torchbearer CEOs – those leading the way in this turbulent "age of disruption". Symes Group's coaching initiatives and practical immersions are a means of developing these behaviours.






Mental toughness


Emotional regulation

Moral clarity


​The ability to cultivate and manage relationships was a defining feature of the Torchbearer CEOs.

They understand that along with the emergence of business ecosystems, innovation and success are grounded in the capacity to operate collectively (IBM Institute for Business Values, Redefining Competition: Insights from the Global C-suite Study - The CEO Perspective, 2015).

At Symes Group, we enable individuals to develop the hard skills of human behaviour such as mental toughness, compassion, mindfulness, focus, emotional regulation, empathy, perspective taking, curiosity, and collaboration.

Symes Group also focuses on an understanding of the importance of personal resources – resulting in positive, productive, and purposeful collaborative behaviours.

Symes Group's superhuman arm is the gym of personal skills. This is an active practice, requiring effort, skill and knowledge.

Our dedicated programs, interventions, and coaching initiatives ensure our clients are ahead of the game when it comes to what their people are capable of, what they passionately want to contribute and ultimately, what they deliver.

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