"The Switch!": From Human Capital to Animal Conservation, Danielle's search to find her "WHY"

Danielle Fryday

By Barbara Harvey

Danielle Fryday shares with us how she found her “WHY” We have known Danielle for many years through her work in Learning and Development, it's been captivating observing Danielle as she has shifted from Animal Conservation being a hobby or extra in her life to now being her career focus. Barbara Harvey asked Danielle recently about that shift and what was her path to get there.

Where did your career start? And How did you get into that field of work?

I started as a graduate in a recruitment firm after completing a Bachelor of Business Administration, majoring in HR and Psychology. I was aiming to move into an HR generalist role, however the training we undertook sparked my interest in the L&D space, and I decided that I wanted to become an L&D professional to enable and support the development of others.

What is your current role and why are you planning on making a switch?

I am currently an L&D Manager in a global law firm, having now worked in corporate L&D for more than nine years. It has been a very fulfilling career, and I have been fortunate to work part time for some of those years to volunteer my time to support animal conservation organisations - a cause very close to my heart. Over the last five years my passion for animal conservation has continued to strengthen, and I have reached the point where I want to make it my full time career, not just my volunteer role on the side.

Does this new role/industry give you more purpose and if so why?

I believe moving into the not-for-profit sector and working to support a cause that means so much to me will absolutely give me more purpose. I really feel that uncovering my strong passion for animal conservation has helped me realise my 'why', and I feel so strongly in my heart that this is my way to leave the world in a better state than I found it in for future generations.

How did you go about making the switch?

I am at the start of my transition, but am very excited for where it will take me! I am currently undertaking a Graduate Certificate in Conservation Biology to strengthen my knowledge of the sector, and am seeking job opportunities in relevant organisations where I can bring my skills and experience in project management, stakeholder management, communication, presentation and facilitation skills to be of value in the animal conservation sector. I'm also working on building my network with established conservation professionals.

What advice do you have for others about to make a switch?

If you feel it in your heart, go for it! It is definitely easier to stay put in a role or industry in which you are established, and it can be really hard to back yourself to make the switch, especially if you have people close to you who may not understand your vision. But if you know deep down that it's the right move for you, be brave, follow your heart, embrace the journey and be open to wherever it may lead.

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