Want the latest on digital transformation?

Cutting edge leaders and academics share their insights

INSEAD professor and digital strategy expert Nathan Furr will address strategy and change at WOBI on Transformation.

Technology has never been more important in business than it is right now.

Every organisation needs to know what technological advances can do for them, their customers and their competitors – both now and in the future. Digital transformation impacts all areas of business – operations, marketing, sales, people and culture.

An impressive line-up of academic thinkers and business leaders will share their knowledge and cutting edge insights at a new event in Sydney this month, addressing the challenges associated with what's driving transformation in organisations.

Speakers include INSEAD professor and digital strategy expert Nathan Furr on strategy and change, and leading expert in digital marketing and e-commerce David Bell on digital innovation, with breakout sessions to help attendees put into practice the ideas and concepts that are revolutionising the world of digital transformation.

Created by the organisers of the highly successful World Business Forum, this new event provides an opportunity for leaders to explore virtual reality, data-led digital transformation and creative technologies like artificial intelligence, Cloud computing and cyber security – valuable to leaders and change-makers in organisations of all sizes.

What: WOBI on Digital Transformation

When: 18 June 2019

Where: ICC Sydney

Register: ph 1300 306 650 or go to https://www.wobi.com/wod-sydney/shop/

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