Welcome note from the founder, Jessica Symes

2016 was an incredible year for Symes Group. I am so proud of Symes Group and how far we have come in the past 12 months. We have supported women and men to take ownership of their lives through Symes Group transformative leadership programs, recruitment and team development programs, breakout sessions for conferences and executive coaching programs. We have strengthened our team to include inspiring, vivacious, intelligent and capable women.

​On a personal note, 2016 was especially joyful as my family welcomed baby Joseph. I believe in living life the way in which you choose to be happy and so am enjoying navigating life of a business owner and of being a mother of three boys! I'm a firm believer that happiness and contentment is a mindset. It's easy in life to focus on what is not going right, the things that are out of our control. Having a newborn again is a reminder of this, being sleep deprived, not getting enough done. But it's all a question of perspective and attitude. On a daily basis I do this checklist- What am I grateful for? What is in my control today? This fuels me with the energy and contentment to live a fulfilled life.

It has always been my dream to create and publish a magazine. Reading through the

stories of our amazing clients and collaborators I am re-inspired by their

energy, creativity, tenacity and authenticity. Congratulations to the team and to editor

Barbara Harvey for bringing this first edition together. Happy reading!

Ph: 1300 657 934  

M: +61 403 363 257


PO Box 5192 Greenwich NSW 2065

Symes Group Pty Ltd trading as Jessica Symes Toomey.

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