Women In Leadership: Unlock your confident creative self

By Jessica Symes

Despite incredible capabilities, on the whole, many women in the workplace present a lack of confidence in their perceived ability to be leaders in their organisation. For many women, confidence is drawn from their life outside of work which is a life that is often not discussed. I believe that confidence can be learned and built upon. To help unlock your confident self try practicing my....

7 steps to building confidence

When you are lacking confidence, sometimes it feels like you are standing outside a room of confident people, looking in, and you can’t get in. You are locked out. Sometimes it feels like you have become a passenger of life and not a driver. Sometimes it feels like you are turning up for life but not living it.

I would like to share with you an overview of the 7 Steps to Building Confidence which, if followed all the way through, will start your journey towards becoming a more confident version of yourself. If you would like the full version of these steps with exercises click below:

Step 1: Know yourself:

The first step in the journey of developing your own confidence, is to know yourself. Techniques of understanding yourself include self-reflection exercises, strengths spotting, personal brand work and identifying your core values. It’s a good idea to write these down and keep them at hand.

Step 2: What do you want?

This is one of the hardest steps in the piece. Many people searching for confidence are living a life not aligned with who they are and the values that they hold. So it’s important to identify and articulate: What life do you want to lead?

Step 3: What's holding you back?

Now that you have a sense of who you are and what you want, you need to recognise what is holding you back from getting what you want. What perceived obstacles are in your way? What story are you telling yourself that holds you back? Is it true? Is it relevant today? Is it useful? Can you put aside that story and get a new one? The story that holds us back is also known as a self-limiting belief.

Step 4: Goal setting

Now you are at the point where you have to start turning thoughts into action. Goal setting is the pivotal point in building confidence. Articulating what you want and making a commitment to achieving it, is the bravest step and more often than not people get stuck on step 3 and return to step 1 for more self reflection.

Step 5: Build a strategy

So how will you achieve those goals? Now it’s time to be realistic about your strategy. Make a list of personal and external resources at your disposal that are going to be useful in working towards your goal. Personal resources could be: Courage, bravery, exceptional people skills, languages spoken, technical skills. External resources could be: Time, support, connections and access to industries.

Step 6: How will you acheive it?

There’s no avoiding this step, there’s no quick fix. The only way to stick to your plan and achieve your goals is to work very, very hard. There are no free lunches in life, and there is no easy road. So once again, the only way to get there is to work, work and work. Now you are going to revisit your goals armed with what you do have and what you are going to have.

Step 7: Celebrate when you get there

It’s not enough in life to achieve and move on without stopping for a moment to acknowledge and celebrate what you have achieved. When you celebrate achievement you are actually telling your brain to recognise that self-efficacy has increased and that then sets in motion the increase in self-confidence. It is only with this final step, that the self-confidence boost will kick in.

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