Audition is a role definition survey, which when combined with an individual Facet5 profile, produces a role/person fit template and a corresponding behaviour-based event interview guide. The role is defined using Audition prior to recruitment. Shortlisted candidates take the Facet5 survey and the two outputs are then combined to produce a behaviour-based interview guide. This unique approach supports all sound recruitment and selection decision-making.



·      A short 10-minute role-based survey, which measures behavioural role elements.

·      The role elements are matched with the Facet5 factors, so the models ‘fit together’

·      A ‘traffic light’ report demonstrates 'fit for the role'

·      Existing role definition templates already exist and are ready for immediate download

·      Comprehensive role definition capability

·      Questionnaire can be completed in 30 languages, with 20 report output languages



·      Audition can be used to identify factors for success simply and quickly

·      Web-based data collection for effective use all over the world 

·      Results available in real time, for download and distribution, quickly and effectively

·      The simplicity of the survey makes it easy for all to understand and take quickly

·      The easy-to-read behavioural interview guide helps recruitment professionals

·      Audition consistently identifies areas of ‘fit’ and ‘stretch’ supporting strong hiring decision-making 


What does it measure?

Compares the individual to elements of an ideal role profile, including;

·      Goal focus

·      Assertiveness

·      Cooperation

·      Enthusiasm

·      Sociability

·      Consultation

·      Task Orientation

·      Realism

·      Scepticism

·      Structure

·      Prudence

·      Confidence

·      Maturity

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